Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Infosys new platform to drive automation, innovation

“The platform Mana brings machine learning with knowledge of an organisation to drive automation and innovation for enabling businesses reinvent their (computing) systems,” the company said in a statement on Friday from San Francisco.
Using the platform, the Indian bellwether improved productivity of a unspecified company with a fleet of field engineers by 50 percent by utilising its self-learning capabilities.
“The platform enabled a global telecom firm to reduce 80 percent of its agents’ entry effort by automating order validation and removing need for corrective processes,” the statement asserted.
Elaborating on multiple benefits of Mana, Infosys chief executive Visha Sikka said, “We can automate the repetitive, mechanizable tasks; we can capture the knowledge and know-how across people and long-lived systems and bring this knowledge back inside the systems to drive more value; and in doing these things we can free people to put all of our creativity, passion, and imagination into thinking about the bigger opportunities ahead of us.”
Based on open source technology, Infosys Mana is an integration of data analytics platform Infosys Information Platform, routine logic learning Infosys Automation Platform and knowledge processing Infosys Knowledge Platform.
Mana is a part of Infosys Aikido framework which can enable companies to execute non-disruptive transformation of their existing landscapes.
Source : IndianMediaBook - Business