Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Odisha plans to bring land leasing act benefiting sharecroppers

An inter-ministerial meeting comprised of the cooperation, law, agriculture, revenue and panchayati raj ministers was held on Monday to safeguard the interest of farmers, who are deprived of government assistances during natural calamities.
“We are proposing to bring Odisha Land Leasing Act to benefit the sharecroppers. Since the sharecroppers are not getting any government assistances and compensation during natural calamities and other instances, the proposed Act will enable them to avail the benefits and loan from banks,” said Routray.
Noting all the government benefits are availed by land owners since the sharecroppers have no documents to show to claim the benefits, he said suggestions will be invited from farmers, and sharecroppers through the local tehsildar concerned within three weeks and a draft report would be prepared after getting feedback from the farmers.
The state government would prepare the Land Leasing Act in line with the recommendations of NITI Aayog. Notably, an expert committee constituted by NitiAayog suggested a model land leasing law to secure the ownership rights of land owners while also providing security of tenure to tenants. The committee also called for the facilitation of access to bank credit and insurance for all tenants, including sharecroppers.
Source : IndianMediaBook - Business